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What Is a Ketogenic Diet Plan?

The low-carb approach to healthy dieting has gained a lot of traction in the past century. Popular foundations include the Atkins, Paleolithic, Ketogenic, and Whole30 diets. Here, we will focus on the Ketogenic diet as it’s one of the more effective diets to implement and sustain long-term in today’s society when compared to the others. […]


Why Do We Need to Eat Fat?

“Fat” is a scary word for a lot of people, especially those of us here trying to learn about cutting fat and building lean muscle! As a collective, when we think fat we think overweight; to be fair, we’ve come to a point where the two are interchangeable, but the latter is the politically correct […]


How to Eat to Build Lean Muscle (The Ultimate Guide)

Hitting the gym is only half the battle, and that’s if we’re speaking figuratively. Realistically, your workout is actually less than one-third the battle! No, that isn’t a typo. In actuality, the two most important aspects of your lifestyle on this journey to build and maintain lean muscle are: nutrition and rest. That’s right, it’s […]

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